Noel Strez Architects have undertaken a full range of residential alterations ranging from minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades right through to million dollar additions and alterations. These generally reflect a modern twenty first century approach to the design solution while still harmonizing with the existing residence.


Noel Strez Architects have undertaken 2 recent restorations of historic buildings. The first was the retention of the historic faced to the Oxley’s Hotel in Picton. In addition to the façade treatment and strengthening, a new verandah replicating the original verandah that had long since been demolished was reintroduced based from photographic evidence that was researched.
The second project was the extensive strengthening and restoration of the former Grosvenor Hotel in Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch now occupied by Strategy. This successful strengthened upgrade has encountered the 2010 / 11 earthquakes extremely well.